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SILVER SPRING, Md., Jan. 9, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — With the launch of its new website, RealtorConsult.com (https://www.realtorconsult.com/) is a top online starting point for real estate consultation when thinking of buying or selling real estate property in Maryland and Washington DC. The real estate market in Maryland and Washington DC is experiencing faster growth than most places in the United States. In Maryland and Washington DC, there are areas that are currently getting very expensive while other areas have plans in the making to be the next sought after area. The capitalizing of this real estate market is not entering it when it is hot but when the areas are lukewarm. RealtorConsult.com specializes in uncovering those lukewarm areas.

“The Baltimore MD area is prime real estate that is undercover. The majority of investors take Baltimore MD for granted without a second thought. Most of the time Baltimore MD is overlooked by investors for putting their business there, but if they stop to think, Baltimore is only minutes from Washington DC and Arlington VA; the U.S. government hub.” According to the Maryland Manual Online Guide, “The Port of Baltimore offers the deepest harbor in Maryland’s Chesapeake Bay. Closer to the Midwest than any other East Coast port, the Port in Baltimore City also is within an overnight drive of one-third of the nation’s population. Baltimore is one of only four Eastern U.S. ports with a 50-foot (15.2 meters) shipping channel and a 50-foot container berth, allowing it to accommodate some of the largest container ships in the world.” “On July 19, 2016, the Ever Lambent, a cargo-carrier from Taiwan, was the first supersized container ship to reach Baltimore through the Panama Canal. This means that combined with Baltimore being able to lodge the largest cargo ships, prime location, the current low cost of viable real estate properties, and a commercial business-friendly government Baltimore is the best place to locate major businesses.” Kharii Brodie — Realtor Consult.

There are two major plans on the table that could affect Baltimore MD and Washington DC real estate market. The founder of Under Armor who is also a native of Baltimore has initiated investment of 5.5 billion dollars into the development of a great portion of Baltimore Harbor. The U.S. Transportation has also put millions of dollars to do feasibility studies to find the best routes to make it possible to have a bullet train that runs to and from Washington DC and Baltimore in fifteen minutes.

RealtorConsult.com will be keeping current on the development of those two major impacts on Baltimore/Washington real estate market. People will be able to go to RealtorConsult.com and register to get a free real estate consultation. Once registered, they can submit their real estate issue, and a resolution will be returned to their email in a timely manner. Their online consultants support first-time homebuyers to investors plan their real estate ventures for Maryland and Washington DC to reduce their investment risk and increase their ROI.

As Kharii Brodie explains, “The needs of a first-time homebuyer are different from an investor but there is still a common denominator, and that is both want to know they made a profitable real estate judgment. Eventually, first-time homebuyers are going to be sellers, and their Return on Investment is going to be based on when they purchase their real estate property, the price it was purchased, the type of improvements they did to it and how it compares in the real estate market.”

Kharii Brodie

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